Word For Now!

 There's a very great probability that you'll make mistake today. You might say a wrong word, or not say a right word. You might look at another with the 'bad eye' or not complement that person you should. You might get into a fight today  or a shoting bout, it might be a sour attitude … Continue reading Word For Now!


When the storms rage When fire burns When thunder strikes When earth cracks Your peace I find. Though I walk through death's valley Or I swim through drowning waters Though I fall from high towers Or I am alone in valleys low Your peace will find me Confusion and fear So much I cannot bear … Continue reading Peace…

Why I Love Restrooms!

 I love toilets!Lol...well, I think that should be,my best place in a house is the restroomUsually a combination of the toilet and bath. I particularly like the ones with bathtubs that you can lie in. Why? The restroom is a secret place where you don't have secrets.Whichever of the major or minor that draws you to the restroom … Continue reading Why I Love Restrooms!

I Love Imperfection

To all those that are not getting the Christianity life right Though you are trying with all your might You just don’t get to see the light Please sit up or stand tight And listen right Because though you don’t feel right, yet you are still RIGHT You lie Jesus coming wasn’t for those who … Continue reading I Love Imperfection