I Love Imperfection

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To all those that are not getting the Christianity life right

Though you are trying with all your might

You just don’t get to see the light

Please sit up or stand tight

And listen right

Because though you don’t feel right, yet you are still RIGHT

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You lie

Jesus coming wasn’t for those who deserved it

It was for the undeserving

C’mon would you say, the ever pompous Samson deserved a second chance

Though he fornicated freelance

Yet he got the chance, why not you?

You think you have fornicated beyond measure

To a level where you have mated every creature

Male, female and even animals at leisure

 I don’t plan this to be a lecture

All you have to do is ask Rahab

And she would describe to you how grace found her

Took her

Washed her

Took her imperfection and still in her imperfection used her for perfection


Listen it’s not about your perfection because like seriously you will always seek perfection

It’s not your perfection that matters

But the perfection of He by whom you are fathered


He loves your imperfection

You still don’t believe he wants you the way you are

Lemme ask you

What exactly can you do for yourself to leave the current state you are in?


He calls you in your imperfection

Ready to mould every fault

He knows your frame

Ready to give you fame for the shame

You can ask Bathsheba, for her he has done the same.

“I am too dirty”, are words to lame

For he came

To have you enjoy the benefits of his name

To have you on his promises lay claim

He does not plan to have you tamed

But rather like the flame, enjoy great claim

To all the accompanying goodies, infact you’ll have a new stage name

If you’ll just quit playing games

He would take all your blame and place them on the unblamed

You can ask the thief at the cross

He will tell you how his life was as impure as dross

Many things he had lost and to many he has caused great loss

But as said by singer J moss

You are restored plus

Rewarded because of the cross

See you are now a boss

No longer the devil’s sauce

So please dispose the guilt

Repel from the filth

And sin around you will wilt

You can ask Peter

Called from being a professional fish-fisher

Had first hand taste of miracles wrought by the master

In discipleship class he would always linger

Passing to become a lead gospel minister

Demons hear his voice and quiver

You can ask me

I’ll tell you.

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(…to be continued)

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