Why I Love Restrooms!


I love toilets!

Lol…well, I think that should be,

my best place in a house is the restroom

Usually a combination of the toilet and bath.


I particularly like the ones with bathtubs that you can lie in.




The restroom is a secret place where you don’t have secrets.

Whichever of the major or minor that draws you to the restroom require you being ‘open’.


You are open and truthful to yourself.


I think many people should spend more time in thetoilet.

It can be a great place for creative inspirations.


I write this sitted on my toilet seat.

Its a place to spend time with yourself…for those who don’t like spending time with themselves.


This world is constantly being barraged with things that are turning people into fake people.

People are becoming so fake that they are lost in themselves.

They are strangers to themselves.

The bathroom reminds you of who you really are.


Many get full of pride…

Forgetting they are humans too that need to answer the call of nature.

The toilet reminds you that you are human too.

It humbles you.

You submit to it.


The bathroom and toilet is a secret place.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Almighty…”

Thinking what I’m thinking?



God wants us to be ‘open’ with Him.

Like the nakedness you show in the bathtub,

God wants you bare before Him.

That way, He can lift you up

Heal your wounds.

Heal your heart.

Heal your hurt.


Stop forming.

Stop hurting.

Start healing.


Get into the restroom!



I love you!

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Restrooms!

  1. Like Seriously!It’s Absolutely True,i Spend More Time In The Restroom.I Am Able To Think Clearly Then,am Away From Disturbance.I Am Free.Its A Nice Piece.Keep Connected.


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