One of the curses of the continuous development of this modern age is DISTRACTION. There is distraction everywhere, on the phones, in the offices, in class, on the street, everywhere! As much as I can say that distractions can have its beautiful side like rejuvenation or fun in the midst of this world that … Continue reading HOW TO AVOID DISTRACTIONS

Can we be friends?

Friendship. When two (or more) people have decided to be friends to each other, you can be assured that there is usually ease as one is sure the other has got her/his back. I believe everyone needs a friend. Atleast one, there is no point hiding yourself away, living life on your own when you … Continue reading Can we be friends?

Is it enough?

I was somewhere about two weeks ago when a car almost ran into a bike man save for the timely manoeuvre the old bike man made. The woman at the wheels of the car stopped and waved as she mouthed 'I am sorry' to the bike man. The bike man, obviously angry and with a … Continue reading Is it enough?

Hold The Fort.

When the darkness threatens to swallow When the pillars of life come collapsing When the light at the end of the tunnel turns blood. Hold the fort.   When pressures mount When tongues clatter When fingers wagger Hold the fort.   When hearts fail When knees buckle When arms go feeble Hold the fort.   … Continue reading Hold The Fort.

Love is not over rated!

LOVE IS A BIG DEAL! Many live their lives so wrapped up in themselves. We step out of out homes and all that is on our mind is what we can get from the day, we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we refuse to the opportunities placed before us to be a blessing … Continue reading Love is not over rated!

How to kill your step-mother without blood on your hands (2)

Welcome back, how did the good deed go yesterday? Keep it up. I decided to do something very small too to put a smile on her face. I hope you are ready for the things I’ll be pointing you to, they may not be orthodox or expected, but be sure that it will work. PRAY … Continue reading How to kill your step-mother without blood on your hands (2)

How to kill your step mother without blood on your hands!

Thank you for dropping in again, I do appreciate you. Its been a while….nah.. scratch that, its been a looooooong time! Whew! Plenty palava! I an sure glad to be back! Thanks for sticking with me all the while, I could give you a hug now…lol. INTRODUCTION It’s largely normal in the African, and I … Continue reading How to kill your step mother without blood on your hands!