A reminder!

As I was engaged in a discussion with lovely daughter of mine, Tijesunimi, as I like to call her, a line I typed in response to her caught my attention. "NO ONE can do you the way you do you"Pause and think on that a little. As the year 2016 rolls on, if you've been … Continue reading A reminder!

Hello Supermom(to all teenage and single moms)

Hello Supermom, I decided to put this down and send to you because I know that you need to have this encouragement. It’s a pity that many do not fully understand what you are going through or have gone through, I do not fully do too but I do admire you. I sincerely do not … Continue reading Hello Supermom(to all teenage and single moms)


My_Dear_Sister, Welcome to the month of march. its not just another one of those months that will come and go like that, no. This one is custom made for you. I need you to begin to feel good about yourself. Don't allow anyone make you their puppet this month. You are worth more than that. … Continue reading #March_On!


Thanks for your returning here, I am indeed grateful that you find it worth your time. Someone mentioned something interesting yesterday, i'll quote "My own small opinion o, our brothers should aleast own one suit in their possession". Brothers, you heard? So here is the promise I made. Enjoy Now generally she wants you to … Continue reading WHAT CHRISTIAN GIRLS WANT GUYS TO KNOW.

What Christian Girls Want Christian Guys To Have…

Hey guys, so I decided to go out on a limb here and point some open secrets that guys in the Christian circle seem to missing out a lot. It’s more like my early February gift to you. I have heard a couple of guys say that the bad boys get the good girls, well … Continue reading What Christian Girls Want Christian Guys To Have…

Before you say ‘Yes’…

Hello Ladies,Some guys wlll love you and your lofty dreams...as long as they remain dreams! While another will not only love you and your dreams, but will help transform them into a reality.Remember, only God knows the thoughts and the intents of a man's heart. He sees all that is behind the T.D.H (talk, dark … Continue reading Before you say ‘Yes’…

I was embarrassed!

Uncle Tobi, I seem to be a very clumsy lady, I have found myself in many embarrassing situations, infact it seems I was born to be embarrassed. Recently, I asked a male friend of mine to pick up a pencil from my bag, I had totally forgotten I had my pad in it until he … Continue reading I was embarrassed!