Worship Fiesta2016?!!This is HUGE!!!📣

Picture this! 10,000 young people in one geographical location! Raising their voice in one accord..with one heart and song!! Laughter and love! Fellowship and fun! Worship and wonder! Music, dance, spoken words and lots more And still, lunch will be served!! To top it all, ITS FREE!!! Who would want to miss such an event? … Continue reading Worship Fiesta2016?!!This is HUGE!!!📣

My Confession Series: Please Help!

I really do applaud your announcing of your sexual purity 'status'. But you see,  I am a female and as much as I am a virgin and I do support sexual purity, I'm not so sure about announcing my purity, for obvious reasons. Reasons which could be easily tagged as fear but reasons nonetheless. My mother … Continue reading My Confession Series: Please Help!