30Lessons In 30Days – Day 5

After a series of slaps and knocks, I decided I had had enough.  I was going to get this tie and get it over with, I watched my dad’s hands as he knot the tie and I counted, 1…2…3…4…5. I put the five steps in 5 boxes in my head, I missed it at first trial, but I eventually wore the tie I knotted myself to church that day. 

Shame On The Altar.

So, I think the cool afternoon is really doing my brain some good #lol.I got into this introspective mood and my mind drove me back to over ten (10) years ago when I was officially given the mic to preach. Now, when I say 'officially', I mean, it was my first time preaching outside my … Continue reading Shame On The Altar.

I miss you.

Hello friend,Its been a while. I am sorry I've been away this long. I trust you are doing good.I have been challenging myself to be better in all I am involved in, I hope you've been doing same, if not please do.Please keep your eyes on this blog, I have some really interesting things that … Continue reading I miss you.