Hi, I have missed you!

Did you miss me?

I sure did. I am certain you have been busy growing up.😉

Growing is pretty tasking. I must confess that it has its exciting times… Especially since you can make certain decisions by yourself – freedom, you can call it.

But adulthood = responsibility.

The growth process is great and enlightening. I would choose growth over remaining same over and over again regardless of how ‘painful’ growth might be.

Let’s talk, what’s been the best part of growing for you?

2 thoughts on “Hi, I have missed you!

  1. Growing up is pretty tasking, you get responsibilities that you feel are way too much for you, you get fears of how your life will turn out…I’m I going to be just a regular person or is a God’s purpose for me going to be fufilled?
    Sometimes you just feel like being the same baby who has nothing serious to worry about. But then when you remember the father’s promise of him saying that he will never leave you nor forsake you if that he thinks good thoughts towards Or that he loves you even more than your earthly father so he is ready to give you whatever You require. You are encouraged again that so far as you are in God’s own it’s impossible for you to be misled.😊

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