In Your Shoes

πŸ‘ŠIn Your ShoesπŸ‘Š

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

I see the way he wears the shoes and I wonder why he treats the shoes like that.

If only I had that shoe, a little neutral to the soles, a little shine on the leather, and I would be the envy of the town.

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

Yeah, though he wears them
He doesn’t seem to fit him.
Adjustments here and there.
This shoe wasn’t made for him.
It was made for people like me…yeah, me.

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

Then one day, it happened.
He died.
Though I was sad…I think.
I was glad that he left me those shoes.

Quickly, I washed my legs.
Cleaned it dry.
First leg goes into the shoe.
Second leg goes into the shoe.
Awesome, perfect fit.
They look good on me.
I always knew it.

I moved my right leg, but it didn’t move.
I tried the left, same as its twin.
Then suddenly I realized,
I couldn’t move the shoes.

Day after day.
I had wanted to be in this shoes, because I would wear it better
But now, I am in it
I can’t move the shoes.

The shoes were indeed heavy
How did he move this shoes as gracefully as he did when he was alive.
I checked the sole, a touch of neutral won’t have brought the spark.
Daily washing would have been it.
Wow, so he washed the sole daily?

I peered closer at the leather. They were old.
But he had kept them looking new.
How did he do it.
I should ask him.

Then I realized my ‘vainness’
I had not even mourned him
I only wanted what he had.
I didn’t care about him.
I only wanted me the shoes.

Now I have the shoes,
Buy its responsibility I can not carry.
Now I have the shoes,
But no, it doesn’t fit perfectly.

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.
But the shoes ain’t mine.


Lessons as stated by Modupe

1. Accept and love what is yours, not coveting another’s.

2. The grass is greener on the other side until you get there.

3. Don’t judge others especially when you don’t know how they are going through life


I hope it blessed you.

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