The Quest (Poem)

The foolish man’s test
Is when all you wanna harvest
Is all you see through her vest.
And yeah, that is not the best

You both ride the same boat,
But paddle on opposite sides.
A desire for what lies below,
drives your flattery words.

To feed your naked appetite,
You own her space,
And bath her with attention,
But never truly hear her.

Tracing the lines of her lips,
As she laughs in innocence,
To your faux sense of humour.
Though you do not see beyond that which you see.

In a second …
The fool gives up on his quest,
tired of chasing her shadows,
Staring empty below her neck.

Oh, his raging thirst,
Turns to burning rage,
He hates her virtues,
As it shames his ego.

The real man’s quest
For a man in a woman’s nest
Is to find that which lies beyond her thighs and chest
To the treasures hidden deep within her heart chest.

For they aren’t things you see first
Like a man, you have to dig first.
Not seat slouching like a guest
Expecting her to serve you a feast of her body fest.

There is he, the real one, who hears her truth.
The one who sees in the innocence of her eyes,
the large heart behind her huge chest,
the wounded spirit covered in her bright smile,
Yet He catches her when she falls;
And nurtures her back to her glory,
Making her the real deal.

Wisdom owns a different voice,
Her beauty intoxicates him,
But he subdue his cravings.
He cherishes her integrity,
And adores her dignity.
Rather be a crown for her head.
Than a dagger to her heart.

Written by Modupe and Aremotobi.

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