2017 in a flash series.



I was opportuned to be part of blessing the children in Ojodu community thanks to @dare_tocare .

The plan was for me to come in quietly, chill around till its time for the moment to share truths with the children and disappear for another function,

but I guess God had other plans.

The MC @propheceecfr asked that the children bring one uncle forward and a young boy was cajoled to bring me, Joseph was his name.

Despite trying to hide, Joseph stuck to me till I decided to step out. We were asked to dance first, which I managed to do, then it got more interesting!😂 We were given gele to tie!

Without previous warning, without a mirror, we were to tie the gele on our own head.

There were 4 of us, guys and we were to do tie our own gele. Lol.

As per #Baba4dGirls na, I started tying or knotting (insert appropriate English🙊) the gele.

As a smart somebody, I used my shadow as a make shift mirror.

By the time it was time up, I had ended up with what you see there. But it didn’t end there!! We were to catwalk!


Cat what?! See my destiny o…

In the presence of over 100children, teenagers and adults, a grown up man like me, with beards and my shoe size is supposed to be catwalking!!!

Several things ran through my mind…

To be continued in the next post.

Meanwhile, can you share a prominent moment you had in 2017? I’d like to ‘hear’

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