My January Giveaway!

Hi people!

So, I have been working on this thing for a while now and I am excited to be giving it to you!

Letter writing as a means of communication has been an art that has contributed immensely to the transmission and preservation of timeless truths. This is one of the things the ‘letter series’ seeks to achieve.

For ‘My Future Boo’, imagine if every girl could share with each other their standard for the ‘future husband’ of their dream…oops! I mean to say of ‘their reality’ or maybe just ‘dreality’.

Dreality is being able to convert your dreams into reality. I think more people need to use that word more, anyway back to why we are doing this.

Every lady here shared their perspective as well as what they would want to let their future husband know, even though a number of them don’t know him yet.

For the guys, this is suppose to help be an eye opener as to the qualities and character strengths that a lady wants in a man and wisely position himself as appropriate.

For the ladies, it’s suppose to help them see that they should have a high standard for the guy they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Everyone desires to have the best spouse from God, and that desire is part of what birth this particular series.

Watch out for other parts of this series like ‘Dear Single sister’, ‘Dear Future Bae’ (written by the guys to the ladies) and whole lot more.

I trust that any of the letter series you lay your hand on will be a blessing to you indeed.

I’ll appreciate feedbacks from you as you read.

I can be reached at

Download Dear Future Boo

Enjoy reading.

3 thoughts on “My January Giveaway!

  1. Well… Well… Well…
    I’ve not really settled to write Dear Future Husband a letter as ‘deep’ as these ladies. Uniquely, they all mentioned that Boo must first love God before them. That’s sweet! God bless your work. Can’t wait for ‘Future Bae’ series

    Liked by 1 person

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