5 Events this December

Different strokes for different folks. I know that as much as some people have a calendar full of plans for this December, some are stating at a December that promises to be boring. 

To prevent you from dying from boredom, I have put together this list of events, most of which I will be, that can get you occupied and blessed.

1. Prayer Retreat.

If you love to pray long or short, alone or corporate, or you don’t even like to pray at all, this 12 hour prayer retreat is for you.

Its a 12 hour time tagged ‘Joy in the Holy Ghost’.

Date : 17th December, 2017..

2. Dare 2 Care Christmas party.

If you love kids and you love to volunteer for charity, this is an opportunity you would love to have.

Date: 22nd December, 2017.

3. Save A Foot.

A charity outreach that involves giving out shoes is another opportunity to not just be engaged but do so being a blessing to many others.

Date: 23rd December, 2017.

4. Worship Fiesta #arising

If you love fun, friendship and food, then you don’t want to miss this Fiesta! Its going to be a great time of worship and plenty excitement.

Date: 26th December, 2017.

5. Teens Alive!

A gathering of teens that would show the capacity for Godlovers to be fun lovers.


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