5 simple ways to be an hero this season.

​”What is the reason for the season” is a cliché question that anyone born in the 80s and early 90s will most likely be tired of hearing, and atimes it really does not get the right answer anyway, more because it is the wrong question being asked.

I don’t plan to answer that question or show off any stream of theological deposit in this post, on the contrary I want to share with you something everyone, whether born in the 80s, 90s or the Y2Ks will relate with – Heroes!

We all had one hero growing up in whatever generation you were born. So, I want to show you 5 simple ways you can be an hero this Christmas season without needing a cape!

1. Donate Blood!

Sounds bloody😂…well, that’s the idea. I recently (almost) fully realized the need for blood donors. There are several patients in several health institutions that need a blood donor and what else could be more heroic than that.

Check out google to help you find the closest place you can donate.

2. Volunteer for Charity.

During this season, quite a number of ministries, NGOs and charity organisations will be executing a number of charity works, please find the one closest to you and volunteer, and well if you can, give to this charities also.

I am aware of a couple of such in Nigeria, 

– 1. Save A Foot, a shoe giving outreach by Voice of Worth (VOW)

Location: Lagos.

2. Ladies with Radiance are giving Christmas clothes.

Location: Lagos.

3. D2C are having a Christmas party for children in a slum.

Location: Lagos

4. Aunty Lanre Initiative is having a huge party for the vulnerable and unprivileged.

Location: Ibadan.

and a lot more.

(Please kindly comment with the name and location of any charity work you know)

3. Buy Someone A Gift.

Now, this looks usual, right? But there is a twist. Rather than get a family member or someone who would get a gift back something, how about you wrap a gift for the random orange seller that constantly passes by your house or that cleaner woman you know.

Get someone who isn’t in the place to give you a gift, a gift, this season.

The smile on their faces will send you flying higher than superman can imagine.

4. Make someone’s dream come true.

This is similar to the previous one but a little different.

Could you decide to sponsor a particular child’s schooling? Or pay for that family’s rent. You could choose to give that child who has never been to the cinema the experience of being there.

Make someone’s dream come true.

5. Be Eco-friendly.

As you enjoy the season, consciously dispose the cake and sweet wraps properly. Avoid smokes, stagnant water and anything that can cause damage to the environment.

These are 5ways you can be a hero this season, I am definitely planning to hit the 5, I am on 3 already.

What about you?

Are there other ways you can be a hero this season, please I will love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Are you already dreading the boredom you might experience this season, watch out for the next post on various Christian events you can fill your calendar with this December).

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