​Join The Heroes League Now.

Growing up as a child, I always loved spiderman, even over superman. Superman, well was ‘Super’ but spiderman looked more like someone I could relate with, a science nerd in love with a girl who suddenly came into having superpowers. Can happen to anyone right?

Source: Google Image

So, I loved spiderman and I always wanted to save the world. Eventually, more superheroes came on the scene, Batman, superwoman, Shazam, Flash, green lantern..and oh…days of silverhawk, voultron, power rangers etc.  I wanted to belong to these league of lifesavers, I wanted to be an hero. I wanted to save at least someone.

Source: Google Image

I must tell you, that dream has come to pass in ways beyond my imagination, and I am asking you to join me in being a hero. 

Please join me in saving atleast one child this Christmas as we give them hope and save their feet’s from the cold. Join me this Christmas to save a life!

How do you come in?

Pray. Partner, Pay.  

Pray along with us for God to

1. Send all the supplies we need in.

2. That the shoes will bring hope and laughter to all.

Partner with us

1. We need volunteers in particular locations to

A. Help reachout to people that can support the project.

B. Help gather footwears from donators in that location.

Pay for atleast a child’s footwear

Give a token of #1000 to a child to pay for one child’s footwear.

Pray. Partner. Pay

Join us to wear out poverty.

Thank you!


(Watch out for next post on ‘5ways to be a hero this Christmas’)

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