Your Royal Brutal Savageness 🙌

I had been carrying this grudge around for a while now but I have just not found the perfect way to pen down my grudge or maybe I just haven’t found the perfect fuel, it seems I finally found it.
I was doing an unusual sweep through Instagram lately and I came across a video that hurt me and fueled this grudge that I have been carrying around!

Why do we always lookout for opportunities to be SAVAGE?!

Being savage is now like a crown. 

Some kinda feather to your cap, something you can add on your CV if you are applying as a social media manager or commentator. Being savage now seems like the rave of the moment. If you are not savage, mehn, get ready to be savaged, but this situation needs to be salvaged. It has to!

What did I see on IG?

There was this dude in a BRT sitting by another man, who was sleeping. This dude took out his phone, and decided to openly disgrace this man by recording the way the sleeping man was nodding and dozing off beside him, without the knowledge of the sleeping man.

(What if they were acting it, you may ask. I don’t think they were, even if they were I have heard stories of people’s picture being taken in buses as they were aalwwp and used as meme designs, so this is something that actually happens.)

This dude recorded this video and posted on his IG page. He practically set up this man before the whole world! Looking at his comments, I realized that his friends were obviously people like him, as they were making a joke out of the video.

Is it possible that man had children that will be mocked in school the next day because their father was sleeping in a bus after a hard day (or whatever reason he was sleeping, is it your sleep?!). How will they feel?

Facebook and WhatsApp comments also bear witness to the level at which people are constantly looking for how to throw a shade at someone so as to feel like one SAVAGE LORD!

Let’s not even get into the den of the savages, Almighty Twitter, that’s a whole new level mehn!

Brutal, brutish, merciless, pitiless and zero-chill are words that perfectly capture the way I see people throw words on the social media these days, 

but that isn’t even the most interesting part. The most interesting part is that people enjoy this!

Battle of the fittest!


People are seemingly training themselves to have the perfect savage comeback for any response to many things, and well, I must confess that this could be fun, but when it begins to border around hurting the feelings of another or belittling the thought pattern of another, I think its important that we draw the line.

Call me naive or any related term, but I still believe that we can “Be gra­cious in your speech”. 

The goal is to bring out the best in oth­ers in a conver­sa­tion, not put them down, or cut them out.”

But when our savage responses put other people down, that is indeed a big issue. When it teases others to a point of being uncomfortable, then put a stop to it.

So, can you be nice next time you are replying that person? 

Can you just throw this savage culture away and pursue a culture of healing? 

Can we #saynotohurtingsavagery and say yes to use of gracious words?

Or tell me, am I taking this thing too serious?

I’ll like to hear from you.


11 thoughts on “Your Royal Brutal Savageness 🙌

  1. I can’t but admit it. These savages are creative though. But it is an inappropriate expression of creativity. That dowry and black Friday one got me though. Haha!

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  2. This is true sir. This savageness has destroyed many. People now look for opportunities to criticize others, just like hunters searching for prey. This savageness is increasing because, people love juicy stories. The hunters aren’t cautioned, rather, they are having more followers. It’s a vicious act that needs to stop.

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