3 Simple tips to help your creativity.

I’ve heard people say that the creative mind is for only the select few. We believe that being creative is an innane ability that you either have or you don’t. Well, join me, picture a piece of balloon, what colour do you have there? Mine is blue. Now blow that balloon to the maximum. Cool. Big right. I have a blown big blue balloon, bounce it around a little, fun right, now to the interesting part, insert a pin into the balloon. Gbam! 

Just the way that balloon blows off, I want those myths about creativity thrown away. For one, everyone can be creative. As long as you are human, you can be creative. Realize that being creative is a subjective term. What’s creative to you may necessary not be creative to me. 

An art ignoramus will most likely look at a work by Picasso and wonder what sort of time wasting is there, yet Picasso is one of the greatest artist that has ever lived.

Piccasso’s Work ‘Old Guitar Man’

I put together ways for you to juice out your creativity.

1. It doesn’t have to be new.

Most times we think that for something to be creative, it has to be a totally new style of doing things. Not necessarily. You can simply find a better way of doing something.

Pounded yams have existed long before I was born, but poundos cane sometime in my generation. Whoever started the poundo flour wasn’t looking at making a new type of meal, but an easier way to get pounded yam. Voila!

So, rather than working your brain about what new can I bring, ask, how can I make this easier, more user friendly, better, tastier etc.

2. Chill out!

Have you ever been so focused on a work that as much as it seemed like you have the answers you just couldn’t take hold of it, until you take time to sleep or a cold shower, then suddenly the answers pop up?

For some of us, in our bid to discover creativity, we kill creativity. We work ourselves so much that it seems we are trying to squeeze water out of a dry towel.

Learn to relax, ofcourse it may not come to you easily and quickly, but like a skill that gets better with use, you will get better as you have opportunities to unleash your creativity. 

The Toilet can be a great thinking place.

Atimes, you need to literally sleep on it.

3. Forget failure.

Finally, fear of failure can hinder you from experimenting with things, and creativity comes with experiment. Like Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Experimenting without giving in to failure will allow you express your creative juices.

Do you want to take the leap?

So, are you ready to unleash that creativity in you!

Thanks for reading. A quick question though, what is the most difficult part of your creative process?

I’ll like to hear from you.

Photo credit: Google.

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