30Lessons In 30Days – Day 27

Night Class

Apart from the times when network was doing anyhow, I didn’t post the July Series this late. However, as I rummaged through my mind for what part of my life to share during the day, different things came up, but it just didn’t feel like it until now.

Now the thought to write came and I immediately knew this is it. This lesson is one you and I shouldn’t joke with.

Unlike me, who is currently on a journey away from home, the majority are probably returning to their homes at this time (its night here in Nigeria). Night time is the time when we return from all that the day has got to offer and we either reflect or well, for some work a little more then hit the sheets, hopefully.

Some one once said that the acronym man means

M -Morning

A – Afternoon

N – Night 

Seems kind of weird though, but it implies then that for a man to be a man, it is key he understand times. He must be able to pursue what the morning brings in the morning, and do same for afternoon and night. 

If not such a man ends up dysfunctional, AMN, or NMA, or NAM, doing things at the speculated time is key.

Live your life like you know that night cometh.

I have made a number of mistakes (will probably still make some more), and some of them have being from either pursuing things that shouldn’t have been my priority then or refusing to take actions quickly

Don’t fall for the same thing.

Lesson 27

Be a quick to do person.

Don’t live your life to chance, do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Understand that there are times that, what is worth doing, is what doing NOW.



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