30Lessons In 30Days – Day 26

What I have learnt about PARENTING.

At MINE Bible study yesterday, we discussed quite a number of things about parents yesterday. It was an indeed interesting and eye opening time. So, maybe because of that or not, I am sharing something along that line today.

I have learnt parenting from quite a number of families, My Parents (Mr and Mrs and Mrs Aremo (the double Mrs is deliberate))Pastor and Mrs Fred, Pastor and Mrs Akinleye, Pastor and Mrs Omilabu and Pastor and Pastor(Mrs) Adigun (Old and young..lol). I’ll be sharing with focus on what I have learnt from the Adigun family since it was their anniversary few days ago.

Happy 35th Anniversary Sir and Ma.

For precision sake, I’m talking about Pastor Tunji Adigun’s family. The first time this family made an impression on me was through their son, Pastor Timilehin Adigun, who I had invited for a program in my church.

Then, I was still working with the African time mentality. I was indeed impressed when he arrived minutes earlier while the cleaning was still going on in my church, with his wife, then fiancée.

I never forgot that day. The man thrilled me. After a while, I got to discover a number of other things that makes this man an awesome figure, and one of such is his family.

I have been privileged to be in close proximity to this family and I must say that from their lives I have learnt, unlearnt and relearnt a number of parenting abilities amongst other things. I don’t have a biological child of my own yet, but I can bet you that with what I have learnt from them (and more I am still going to learn) I am sure that I am going to constantly get the best dad of the year award at my childrens’ school. #grins

So I want to highlight to you just four things that I have learnt, some I have started applying in certain ways, some I would have to wait till I have biological children of my own.

1. Love God:

Give a child Jesus and you can go to sleep” is a common saying that Mummy Sinmisola Adigun says frequently and a look in the lives of her children show that it indeed is spot on.

I have thus learnt that its my responsibility to ‘give’ my child Jesus and create an environment that such ‘seeking after Jesus’ be nurtured. 

2. Sense of family honour:

If you ever get to meet any of the children, married and unmarried, you’ll get to see that all the children are proud of their family, nobody seems to feel left out. Everyone knows what the other person is doing. Even the in-laws become a part of the family.

I love that team feeling that the parents have being able to build into their home.

When a child understand that every of his or her action has something to say about the family, it becomes easy for such a child to make decisions as the child knows that the family honour is at stake.

I am responsible for how the ‘Aremo’ name is perceived as well as you are responsible for your family name too.

3. Values are communicated AND lived.

Many parents of our time practice the ‘do as I say and not as I do’ thingy, but this is a family that I must say that the parents, Mr and Mrs Adigun are living testimonies of the kind of values that they have cultivated in their children.

Both of them married as virgins, this same sexual purity culture as been passed down to their children, and three of the four children are married and they ALL married as virgins! Isn’t that worth celebrating?

It is key then that I begin to uphold values now so that I can communicate same to my children.

4. Be supportive:

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a close knit family and everyone knows that they have the support of the other person.

The parents support their children as they pursue their dreams. They encourage them.

A child who is assured of his/er parents support will be greatly expressive of that which lives within.

These are lessons I have learnt from these people I find myself around, learn from those around you. There is always something to learn.

If you don’t cultivate a value system now, you might end up making the same mistake you think your parents are making. Wise up!


Learn from people around. It saves you from errors.

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you” Phillipians 4:9

Please be reminded.

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