30Lessons In 30Days – Day 25

​I know a Nigerian star; Oluwatimilehin Adigun.

My childhood memories which consist of rolling tyres in the compound, playing games like ‘suwe’, ‘I call on’, tree climbing, building sand castles and cooking of food with milk tins and weeds cannot be complete without the inclusion of superheroes. 

I was quite enthralled by Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and the thunder-cats. Amongst these, I fancied Spiderman and I had even placed a black spider on my wrist once, pressing it hard hoping it will bite me and I’ll be given the same powers as my hero, but it never happened.

Apart from Spidey’s agility which made him able to jump and carry out various stunts, his spidey sense which enabled him to sense trouble that is close and his web which he used a lot, I was fascinated by sheer fact that Spiderman was always concerned about the people he saved. It wasn’t about a show of power, it was a genuine interest in the life of the citizens of his town. 

With great power comes great responsibility”

is a line that I would never forget and it has in simple ways helped me live my life for others.

Unlike Spiderman who was always in the spotlight whenever he performed special rescue feats, and was always the star of the dailies, I know another star, not just a TV star, a real one, he is a flesh and blood star and has made tremendous impact in the lives of many young people, within and outside his country, Nigeria.

Oluwatimilehin Adigun, the Editor of MINE Magazine, a free magazine, and Coordinator of MINE Teenage ministry, a ministry dedicated to helping teenagers to be the best they can be.

A father, a friend, Mentor and brother is the Nigerian Star that I know.

In a world where money accumulation is the order of the day, here is a man who would rather go with one shoe for years and be able to pay the school fees of many, help many with accommodation funds, and help families with feeding, all without expecting anything in return. 

He puts together programs, trainings, outreaches, accommodation and feeding for people all for FREE. He is a love-oriented star.

In a world were sexual immorality is the order of the day, and many seem to be keeping quiet and going with the flow of falling moral standard, here is a man who has chosen to stand for sexual purity. 

He fights this sexual purity battle through a NOSUM campaign (No sex until marriage) and like a true leader he has trained and equipped other young generals to continue this fight many of whom he helped save form the dangerous grip of moral idiosyncrasies such as rape, masturbation, pornography, etc. He is a sexually pure star!

L-R, Beautiful Sis titilope, Uncle Timi and Moi.

In world were ‘African time’ has become the norm, and African people use that as an excuse for lateness, here is a man I can beat my chest about anytime to declare that if he has said he will be somewhere at a particular time, be rest assured that he will be there without fail. 

He is definitely a star for this generation as dishonesty seems to be the order of the day, here is a man that keeps to his word no matter what it costs him. “My Father (God) keeps to his word, I am like my father” he says. He is indeed an Integrity-inclined star.

Husband to one and father to two (now three), he is the perfect example of both fatherhood and ‘husbandhood’. As Africans are beginning to sink in this mire of babies born out of wedlock and absentee fathers, here is a man that takes his family as importantly as himself. He is a responsible star.

A man who despite having his own family still respects and honors his parent meticulously should be sung about. 

As our world seem to be losing parent honoring as value that should be cultivated, here is one who can be lifted up and stand as a role model for this generation. He is a parent-honoring star!

Oluwatimilehin Adigun is the star that Nigeria, Africa and the world needs to celebrate, he is passionate about Nigeria, a man that wakes up each day with a purpose. 

He is the STAR that can make stars out of others!
I am blessed to have him in my life journey!


Celebrate people that have bleased you when you have the opportunity to.

Be the best you can be for people.

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1John 3:18

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