30Lessons In 30days – Day 23

Happy Birthday Mum!

Today is my Mum’s birthday, so I decide to share one of the lessons connected to her.

As I started to type this, I really did not even know which of the many stories I could pick but finally one took precedence.

I remember a fateful Saturday, the tap in our compound, which we share with other tenants started running. This is a tap that probay runs 3times in a year.

So, water was running and Mummy quickly dispatched my sisters and I to go fetch water from downstairs. I was given a big plastic , what we call ‘baf’, to fetch my own portion.

Like us, some of the tenants too have brought out all the buckets in their house, so we had to join the short queue to wait our turn, then it happened.

Being the boy I was with restless energy coursing through me, myself and one of the boys in the house started playing. Before long the play turned to stone throwing. Osmaila was such a good thrower. 

I think at some point the water stopped running, so I picked up my baf to return to our apartment only for me to see a stone flying towards me, by reflex I used the baf in my hands to block the stone. It was a perfect block…but the stone broke the baf.

I couldn’t believe it. How was I going to tell mummy? That day was one of the days I got the beating of my life, but it taught me a lesson in handling things.

It taught me a lesson about understanding times, when to play and when not to play. I probably never threw a stone after that time, I had learnt my lesson, thanks to the heavy lashes from Mummy’s palm.


At the time, I felt mummy was just plain wicked, but eventually I am glad I wasn’t left on my own to act anyhow. I have become a better man for it.

If you parents are seemingly hard on you now, don’t blame them too much, that’s how they know how to help you do the right thing.

Rather than beef them for their method, take the lesson and throw a way the how.

Don’t beef your parents for how they are training you, instead take the lessons and love them.

A little hard a times, but you’ll be glad eventually.

Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed–without remedy. Proverbs 29:1

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