30Lessons In 30days – Day 22

Popularity and Purpose.

I noticed that abhuge part of the things I have been sharing are things that occurred in my secondary days.

Today is 22nd of July, and exactly 12 years ago in secondary school something happened to me. Something that I would have loved to share but…well…I can’t…atleast not yet. However I want to share something else- How I got popular in school.

For one I was one of the nicest seniors you could ever come across, either because I didn’t have the brawn to force students to obey me so I had to use friendliness as a weapon or because that was who I was, it worked.

I was the friend to a lot of juniors, the girls especially.😎😛

It so happened that one of my friends, Chika, came to me that we are suppose to act a drama on the assembly that day. I have never acted on the assembly before. I was going to be right in the face of the school. I was scared.

Luckily for me, I had learnt that being afraid is not so much of a problem as long I didn’t allow it rule my life. So, I agreed to so the drama.

It was a simple drama from the scriptures, “you can’t serve two masters”. I was suppose to act as the servant who would be trying to serve two masters running up and down the place, stressed and unfruitful until he would give up, when both masters would start asking for the same thing at the same time.

We talked about the drama and somehow we forgot to determine the name I was going to go by.

Seconds before we were called out for the drama, it suddenly dawned on us, and I agreed we should just use my surname ‘Aremo’, I have a thing for the name.lol.

We went ahead to act it, and I put my best to it even though it was impromptu.

I did well. It was my first time of acting on such a large stage, besides my teen church or adult church.

After that day, everyone on the assembly started calling me ‘Aremo’, some got to know it was my real name, and others turned it to an alias.

It felt good to be known by people. It opened opportunities of friendships and relationships that were beneficiary, at least then.

More importantly for me, I realized I could act…even if it was impromptu.

Lesson 22

There is always a first time to do something, you might make mistake, you might get it right, you won’t know until you try it.

If you don’t move, you won’t know how far you can go.

Do have a vice-free weekend.


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