30Lessons In 30Days – Day 21

Day 21

FaceOff II

How has your Friday been?

Its 9days to the end of this series, thank you for sticking with me through out.

I had shared the less embarrassing face off with the ‘strong men’ of the school, now let me share the moment that would probably have been my most embarrassing moment in life.

I left school after final exams and I had to return to come get my testimonial. I dressed up from home looking good in a designer shirt on blue jeans and polished black sandals.

I had to make an impression that I was outta school. You know that feeling right.

When I got to my secondary school, I notices everywhere was rowdy, outside and inside, it was easy to know that interschool competitions were on. I didn’t like interschool sports competitions.

I stepped into the school, finished up all I needed to do, and said my good byes to the Juniors singing my name ‘Aremo!’. I was loved and respected.

As I stepped out of the school gate, I saw a hand from afar beckoning on me to come. It was one of the chief strong men. He was my junior, and he was ‘commanding’ me to come to him at the corner he was with about three (3) of his guys.

I looked back to check if I was the one he was talking to, and at the same time contemplating if I should make a run for it. I knew I was fast, but I didn’t know the ability of the ones with him.

Before I could say ‘jack and Jill’, two of his guys had flanked me and moved me towards him. He stepped out of the corner and started doing the ‘scare-them-dance’.


‘Scare-them-dance’ is that jumping to the left and right with hands moving in all direction when a thug wants to appear demeaning.

“Shey were ni e ni?” He asked me (are you a lunatic).

“Oya kun le wi ibeyen!” He barked (Knee there now!).

I was petrified. I wasn’t scared but I didn’t even know what really to do.

Here I was, I had left the school already, this guy was my junior in the school, we were outside the school, so the spectators were quite a number, and he was asking me to knee before him in the open.

My mind quickly calculated, I could try to run or form boss for them, but there were three of them. I could take them individually, but I wasn’t that sure of together.

Whether it was resigning to fate or wisdom, I decided to knee. I hears a whisper in my spirit, put off your sandals. So, I bent to put off my sandals, which mind you had nothing to do with kneeling, while I was working on the sandal buckle, I heard another voice join them saying,

“Fi le, Omo wa noni”.

I looked up, and this was a fourth member, but I knew this one more than the rest. I was the prefect in charge of his class. I had not been hard on them while I was prefect.

” Mo pe wa shey lau lau ni”, Mr Boss barked as he walked away, (I thought you would act up).

“Thank you” was all I could say as I buckled my sandals and walked away briskly.

Two things saved me.

1. Listening to the Holy Spirit.

2. Being friendly.


When it comes to people, you don’t have an idea of how someone can be of help to you. Don’t look down on people no matter their status.

If you are boss, and you have to be firm, learn to be firm and friendly.

It might save you from being stabbed one day. It did save me.

So have a lovely evening.

I look forward to seeing you at ‘I Am BIG’.


Be reminded.

Everyone is invited, GUYS AND GIRLS!

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