30Lessons In 30Days – Day 20

​The FaceOff.


Today is Thursday, but it feels like friday.

So, I mentioned that I was going to share my faceoff with this young guys from “school two” like we called them while we were in secondary school.

The way I fought these guys would be something many of you, especially the guys won’t agree with, but that was the best way I could. 

I went to the school stationery shop to get something, a Biro or so, and there was this boy, in SS1, one of the ‘bad-boys-in-training’, pacing the place.

I know the face but I didn’t bother to even look. I went straight to where the woman that was selling the stationary was sitted only to notice that the boy was coming towards my direction. I didn’t think anything of it. 

As he got close to me, he hit me deliberately with his shoulders, then turned to face me with the ‘what are going to do about it?’ look, I foolishly replied with a smile back, he eyed me and left.

“Ah, thank your God o…” the woman selling the stationary said to me after he had left.

“What for?” I asked not understanding.

“Did you notice that boy had his hand in his pocket?”

“Yes” suddenly dawning on me.

“There is a ring in that hand, he has been pacing here looking for who to try it on”

I couldn’t even say anything but smile foolishly again at the woman.

I had just been saved by a smile!

Mind you, I was an acting prefect at this time, and this boy was my junior. Infact, during thia period, I was learning amateur karate, I could have decided to form boss for him, and who knows what the ring would do? Probably send me running to nowhere, or begin to pick papers around the state.

I was saved by a smile.

The second experience was a little more dramatic and humiliating, I’ll save it till tomorrow.

Catch ya!


Silence isn’t always a show of weakness. It can be highest show of strength at particular times.

Silence isn’t always weakness.

Ecclesiastes: 3. 7. “A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;…”

Learn the power of silence.


PS: 30 of July is my birthday! Yeah, you probably know that already if you started following from the beginning. 

What I really want to announce is that on 30th July too, we will be having a worship concert, tagged “I Am BIG”.

Time is 3pm.

Venue: RCCG, 1Mike Ajiri close, Oja, Yakoyo, Ojodu-Berger.

Its promises to be an awesome time with God!

See you there.

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