30Lessons In 30Days -Day 17.

The Scandal!

Once upon a time, in the land where Aremotobi has a thing…actually, many things for the female gender, a situation happened, this is the story of that situation.

Good day to you, we are already in the third week of July, time does fly. I hope you are doing well? If you are, congratulations! If you are not, keep hope alive!!

To today’s story, I am going to try to blur some details as much as I can so that those who might have a close understanding of this situation do not accurately know the entities that are involved.

The intent of this 30day journey is not to slander anyone but to share my own life experiences as well as draw lessons from it.

I met this particular young lady at a point in her life when, well, things weren’t going too well for her. As God will have it, we started a journey together to help her find herself and live God’s plan for her. A situation that wasn’t hidden from many, there was nothing to hide anyway. Then something happened about a year or little more after.

I started hearing rumours! Choi!! Right from my secondary school days, I have held strongly to the scriptures in proverbs that says “better is a good name than rubies”, so a taint on my name wasn’t something that I found amusing. Surprisingly I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be. They were rumours anyway.

The rumour in summary was that I was making sexual advances towards this girl. (I’m actually laughing as type this). Really?

When I heard it from one of my other girls who she shared the gist with,(who told me she rebuffed her when she came gisting her about it), I didn’t even know which of the myriad emotions I should express. Should I be angry? Upset? Irritated? Should I feel sorry for her?

I didn’t know what to feel as the scriptures about a good name kept ringing in my head. I think I just settled for laughing.

She went on to tell other girls about it, girls she didn’t know I was affiliated to, and they in turn came to tell me. Still it was like there was a restriction in my heart to feel anything but live for this friend of mine. I couldn’t get angry at her. It was so easy to forgive her!

This would have been one of the things I would think I would find difficult to forgive anyone seeing it was a direct hit at my value system, but surprisingly, It was.

Till tomorrow, this young lady doesn’t know I heard about these things she said about me – except she reads this of course- because I never even bothered to ask her, rather, I just kept checking on her (from a distanceūüėā), finding out how she is doing and helping in whatever way I can.

Foolishness of love, I call it.

When I eventually did see her physically, there wasn’t any iota of anger or bitterness towards her. I was surprised myself. What the Holy Spirit can do, only Him can do.


People will always talk, whether you do something or not. Don’t allow your life be ruled by what people say.

I have learnt that I can’t fully determines people’s action towards me but I can determine my own reaction to their action.

When people talk about you, love ’em, forgive ’em and move on!

“Love …Doesn’t keep score of the sins of ¬†oth¬≠ers,¬†Doesn’t rev¬≠el when oth¬≠ers grov¬≠el,¬†Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,Puts up with any¬≠thing…” 1Corinthians 13:6-7

Forgiveness can be tough, but Holy Spirit can make it easy and possible.


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