30Lessons In 30Days – Day 12

Competitions, Challenges and Confidence.

I have always had a thing for competitions even when its an impromptu one. So whether I was sure to win or not, it didn’t matter, I just wanted to be a part of the fight.

Uhn..that sounds like a line from the animation, ‘Mega Mind’. 😂😂

When I was in primary 6, and I would always volunteer for debates. Debates I wasn’t sure I was even going to know what to say, coupled with the fact that I was sorta shy then. But I liked the challenge that comes from competitions.

As a teenager in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, two of the highlights of my life are the ‘zeal competition’ and ‘musical competition’. I always looked forward to it, not because I always win, I did win quite a lot of times, but because it challenges me to get better.

I remember there will be times when my partner and childhood friend, Samuel, would be going for a zeal competition, and even though we will not have as read as much as we should,

we would walk into the competition arena with such confidence that will intimidate the others that have even read more than us.

As soon as we were inside, we would introduce ourselves to our fellow competitors and begin to ask them questions from the zeal (our Sunday school manual).

Thinking we actually do know all that we are asking them would be intimidated, would be answering the questions which was our own way of doing our crash reading and yeah, it always worked.

Even with knowledge, confidence was key. The little we knew we said and carried with confidence.
Well, Samuel rubbed that confidence on me,

I wasn’t all that confident growing up. Nah. But I acted it…well

As for the musical competition, after a number of rehearsing and ending up not winning first place, I decided to switch my competition priority from winning to having fun. It helped.

I decided the first thing I would take from a competition is to enjoy the process, then if a win comes, well, that’s double blessing.

Why should I lose and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the whole rigor of rehearsal, choreography, singing and atimes conducting the choir. Nah. That would be a fatal loss.

Neither did I want to win easily or win and not have more than what the physical prize can offer.

So for me, whenever I was going for any competition, my number one strength is my smile, my confidence then whatever else it is I need.

I have a thing for competitions sha, and yeah, impromptu assignments too. I guess it just helps me stretch myself.

I don’t go into competition with people. Waste of time. People challenge me, and push me to be better, but competiting against them, like Rachael was doing with Leah, is not me. (Read your bible😛)


Your attitude to competitions is key. The people are not your competition. You are your own competition.

Make the best of every moment of your life. Even the failing times.

Failure isn’t always bad…well in the bigger picture.

Whether you lose or win a (healthy) competition, take something from it.



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