30Lessons In 30Days – Day 11


I love my family.

At least that is what I used to say, and I did mean it…or so I thought, until an incident, or two actually, caught my attention and gave me a total attitude and thought change.

For example, as much as I love the girl folks, I thought it was quite a lot of work raising them, so I used to silently wish, I think I even prayed I not be in the country to witness my baby sister grow into a teenager, I sorta saw into the future…lol. That girl is a lot of work (please don’t tell her I told you😂)

Anyway that wish wasn’t answered- thankfully. This was me that was Superman to the girls outside me home.

So away from that embarrassing secret to another. I was in my way home from a teens’ gathering in church that was full of lots of fun and laughs and all the things that can happen when teenagers who love God and themselves are around each other. It was an awesome time. I was literally smiling with myself as I strolled home alone. Then it happened.

Immediately my house was in view I suddenly seem to step out of my body and look at myself. I saw myself switch mood as I approach my home. 

I went from the smiling dude to the game- faced, no-nonsense big brother. What I saw embarrassed me. Was this how I was behaving? Like an hypocrite?

I just had a swell time with other people and now I was forming one fake boss for my siblings. Wawuuu.

A portion from the spiderman movie came running through my mind. Spidey was busy saving the world but couldn’t save his uncle. I didn’t want to be like that.

Then shortly after that, I met 1John 3:18.

These occurrences pushed me to begin to find how to truly live my family (parents, sisters and brothers) and be there for them.

I am not where I really want to be with them, but I am sure not where I used to be with them.

My thanks to the Pastor Timi Adigun and Pastor Titi Adigun and Grandpa and Grandma Adigun for showing me how to be better as regards my family. Thank you!

Now when I say “I love my siblings”, I know what I mean and I mean it.😎


Family is precious. You did not choose them. 

You are forever stuck with them…whether you like it or not. So, make the best of your time with them

(Learn to) Love your family.

Don’t touch the world without touching your home.

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions” 1 John 3:18
I love you.

It’s not a cliché, I mean it.


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