30Lessons In 30days -Day 8


My breakthrough continued as I grew, I was given more responsibilities in church I was given the opportunity to teach the children the word, conduct choreography and such.

I grew into a teenager with a number of responsibilities, thanks to my parents approval, I was able to step into unfilled leadership positions.

I was discovering my talents more. I wasn’t just a nerd, I was a good event planner/manager, I enjoyed singing, speaking and conducting rehearsals. I soon started acting. I had all this in me and I was upset about not being able to play football? Wawu!🙈

One day, during one of the school session breaks, my neighbour’s daughter, Paula Fiddi, who attended one of the prestigious girls only boarding school came visiting and as she was teaching myself and my siblings how to break dance. I told her I couldn’t. But she did it and asked me to try it. I followed her cue and I can clearly remember her saying “You can dance!”. I wonder if she can remember, but that line stuck with me.

Aremotobi sharing the word at the good women’s conference, 2009

Wow! So I can dance too? I am talented.

I started appreciating God more for the things I had than the ones I didn’t.

I still couldn’t play football though, I was still good with the girly game of suwe, ten-ten, and in-and-out etc.

Football wasn’t my thing, but I decided I wasn’t going to give anyone the permission to put me down even if I was called ‘short one’. Nah. So everytime I had the opportunity to play football, I volunteered, sometimes I would be chosen and other times, I won’t.

I continued to lago, but I didn’t give up. I would run up and down the pitch to find the perfect place to stay and not be the cause of the team’s loss. I eventually decided to settle for defender, what we called ‘backman‘.

Atleast there I don’t have to really push the ball around, the plan was simple, just stop the ball from passing me and kick it out, to whatever direction. I did that, very well. Some laughed at me and changed my name to any-where-belle-face mocking the fact that I placed the ball anywhere my stomach pointed. It stung, but it didn’t keep me from continuing. Atleast I was stopping the goals…sometimes😂

Finally a day came, my greatest pitch time ever!! I scored my first goal ever! (I am actually laughing as I write this. Thank you Jesus)

We were playing in a narrow place behind the school building, we were playing two-two. I was on the same team as Junior, one of the best football players I have ever met and two of our classmates were the ooponents. Junior passed the ball to me to go for a counter attack, I pushed the ball forward carefully until I was faced with the defender, alone. I swung my right leg over the ball in a bid to do the legover dribble, and shot the ball directly into the post. I watched as the ball rolled in the opposite direction to which the defender moved his leg, allowing space for the ball to pass through his toros. It was a goal! The legover worked!! My legover worked!!! I can actually do legover!!!!!😂😂

No, I didn’t fall while scoring mine😎

What made the goal more thrilling was that the defender and I were having a rift during that period, I was so glad I scored from my ‘enemy’.

That added to the set of talents I had, scoring goals. If I could score 1 goal, it was possible for it to happen again. I was glad.

Lesson 8

There are quite a number of lessons I would want to draw out from today, but I’ll stick to one.

Your words can end a life, and it can give hope too. Learn to give life.

I am thankful to Paula Fiddi for using her words to make me find my dance steps.. You should see me dance (check my IG @aremotobi, you should see one😂)

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. Proverbs 18:21

Can you spot some other lessons there yourself? Please do share.

PS: Thank you for the feedbacks so far, they have been really encouraging.🙌

2 thoughts on “30Lessons In 30days -Day 8

  1. Smiles…
    I wonder where people get those names from
    it’s like they’ve got a reservoir of insults in them.
    But really yours was very funny.
    still laughing.
    but really,thank God for your life
    I’m really inspired,God bless you.


    1. Amen!
      True, I wonder too o. Some people are just so into it.
      I guess its what we expose ourselves to we spew out. I was hearing the audio from a Nollywood (Yoruba) movie recently, and for about 30secs straight, the female (who I couldn’t see) was raining curses. This was obviously integrated into the script and we expose ourselves to it.

      Lemme go before I start preaching😂.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Olajumoke.


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