30Lessons In 30days – Day 7


If you think it isn’t a big deal that I couldn’t play football, please ask a young boy whose friends not only enjoy playing football but can actually play it well. I was a professional otu a.k.a short one.

I was the boy that will be on the pitch and my friends won’t mind leaving the pitch to go find someone else to join their team.

No one ever wanted me on their team. I was not wanted.

I didn’t blame them anyway, the times some had looked upon me and helped my situation, I had flopped, I didn’t know how to handle the ball properly, I was good at ‘lago’-ing another word for kicking the air instead of the ball.

I hated the fact that I was (now) good at academics, at least a lot more than others but I was no use with my friends on the pitch. I was practically an ignoramus when it came to things that boys did.

I didn’t know how to play video games, I didn’t know how to play basketball, I didn’t know how to play football. All I knew was books, and well ten-ten, suwe, in-and-out, tinko-tinko and other  seemingly girlish games. It was frustrating!

Somehow I didn’t like it, and like I have learnt, if you do not like something, do something about it. I decided I was going to do something about it.

I eventually learnt to play the ‘brick’ game and the car race on nintendo😂😂.

I felt like I had achieved something. I believed then, even though I couldn’t put it into words then, that I wasn’t what others called me, I was what God called me and whatever else I choose to accept.

So I decided to accept myself as I was, what was the point anyway, I couldn’t change anything could I? Yes I could. I could change somethings.

I remember going to a game center with a friend of mine, and the first time he allowed me play PES, I was flogged 10-0. I eventually improved but that thrashing can’t be forgotten.

I’m grateful that it was my friend, Samuel that thrashed me that much and not some random outsider or the various street boys who usually hang around the game centre, that way it was less painful.

Samuel eventually taught me how to play mortal kombat on Sega. We played Contra together, car race, Crash, Tank on video games. Somewhere in my heart all this was making me feel more like a guy.(I know better now)

Whenever I was ‘abused’ for having a pointed nose, I took it in stride and joked about how I was the Nigerian version of Mr bean, whom everyone was a big fan of then.

I joked about the fact that I won’t need a passport or visa to travel out of the country as my nose was prove that I belonged there.

I didn’t just think about these things, I talked about them.

I wouldn’t allow anyone make me feel less of myself. Even though I did feel like that from time to time, I didn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me feel bad about me.

Luckily for me, the girls liked me😊 (roll your eyes if you want to😛). Every girl I liked, (and some that I didn’t) liked me back…lol except one who I wasn’t sure of. You think that isn’t important? Wait till you hear my crush stories!😂


How you see yourself will affect how you live your life.

Don’t doubt what God has said about you just like you won’t doubt your gender.

This is you- You are the light of the world, a town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14


Alongside then we felt like grasshoppers. and they looked down on is as if we were grasshoppers. Numbers 13:33

Its your choice. Desire.

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