30Lessons in 30days – Day 6

The Battle- Reset button.

Here is a #throwback picture of me.

Yeah, that’s me. I still have hope!😎
Let’s get back into the story!

Daddy’s presence didn’t just bring sanity to my fashion, the fear of daddy’s wipe and mummy’s gaze became a driving force for success.

I started putting in my best to school work. I started actually reading, I counted numbers with sea shells, I started to deliberately spell. I was making progress. The Olodo was actually reading!

Gradually,I moved from large numbers to humbly accepting lesser figures 🙌, from 11th..7th…4th..3rd…2nd… and eventually first (1st).

The last day of my primary six was the day I got first (1st), it was the beginning of an academic uplift for me.

I was 8+ and I was excited that Mr Large numbers can actually receive small numbers!

I went on to secondary school with this notion. I had found God then and I was running with Him as much as I knew how to. Though I was a forward, or proud a few times because of my new found ability, I continued to ensure that I was on the list of the tops in the class.

In a class of over 100, I was amongst the best, I raise my hands to answer questions, covered my book during exams not bothering about anyone. I got a little pompous as I would be finishing the English language teacher’s lines for her as she was teaching. I was on a silly roll.

I am grateful this was nipped in the bud quickly. Miss Tinubu. My teacher of English then, helped me balance my excitement with proper confidence. She tolerated my unruly enthusiasm without damaging my young heart.

She killed pride in me still leaving me with good self worth. I am grateful I had her as a class teacher. Thank you Miss Tinubu.

Then my next problem showed up- I couldn’t play football…

Lesson 6

Wanting something without working it is simply ‘Wishing’

You want something, put in the necessary work to get it done. Simple.

Proverbs 14:23
All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. 
By the way, everyone has the capacity to be brilliant. Yes, everyone!

Thank you for reading.

Please share, someone you know might just need to read this.

I love you.


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