30Lessons In 30Days -Day 4

​MY BODY – Pinocchio, MKO and Sickey-Sickey!

Its day 4 already and I must say ‘Thank you’ for following so far. Thanks for the comments, personal and the ones on the blog. I trust you are being blessed. Ready for day 4?

I currently spot a short line somewhere on my face, what you could call a tribal mark, except this wasn’t a tribal mark, it was more like a healing mark. I was told I was constantly falling sick and sometimes dying off, so I was taken to my paternal’s place where I got the mark.

Even with the healing mark, I was a faithful monthly attendance register ticker at the hospital the family used. I would always have something to complain of; headache, stomach ache, malaria, and typhoid.

There was a period my nose started bleeding for no reason, I could be walking on the road and my nose would begin to bleed.

I was such a health wreck! Maybe my blood has got something wrong there somewhere, but I do know that sickness seem to be a personal friend of mine.

Looking back now, I discover that there were times I was always looking forward to the hospital time. Why? Well, those seemed like the time when I got everyone’s attention. 🙈 …so I thought anyway.

There’s no one to shout at me to do any chore or such, everyone is trying to find a way to please me. I loved that feeling, so I guess I sorta looked forward to falling ill. Lol.

Sound crazy right?

I started thinking that the way to get attention was when bad things happened to you, and the easiest one was sickness

So, I sorta looked forward to my sick time.

However when the chickens, pastries and cocoa drinks begin to fly around, I can’t even taste them. I am unable to enjoy the reason I even wanted to fall ill!

Coupled with the ‘sikey-sicky’ act, I had pronounced ears and long nose. I was called ‘MKO Abiola’ at a point because I shared the big ear resemblance with him.

Whenever I had my haircut, this ears where usually pronounced and it becomes the play thing for my young class mates.

Same goes for my pointed nose, but that didn’t bother me as much, it eventually started to when the movie pinochio became popular and friends and families will call me Pinocchio.

That’s a story for another day🙌, but for my body matter now, I am as healthy as healthy!

With the understanding that Jesus paid it all on the Cross, I know only God has been the reason I have been able to stay alive and healthy.

Oh yeah, by the way, I love my ears and nose😂.

Lesson 4.

Attention is a good thing, but if you keep wishing to be sick or for something bad to happen to you to get it, you will have your request, but you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Bottom line: Don’t wish for bad things just to gain attention, you eventually don’t get to enjoy them.

Isaiah: 26. 3. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

11 thoughts on “30Lessons In 30Days -Day 4

  1. Profound! Funny enough, I used to be like that too. I also had the nose bleed syndrome and the long nose as well as a prominent forehead… Lol. Thanks for this lesson, and thanks for sharing it. If I had known this earlier, I probably would not have been a ‘pity seeker’ for so long. Thank God for enlightenment.


  2. Wow, i love this sir
    I also have nose issues and and my mum won’t allow me to do anything but than God it isn’t as serious as before again

    Liked by 1 person

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