30Lessons In 30Days – Day 3


School is a very compulsory part of life, at least from where I come from, and though at the time the slogan for my state was ‘fountain of knowledge’, I definitely wasn’t a definition of that, I was more like the ‘abyss of knowledge’.

I had a penchant for large numbers so much that my report card could testify.

I was a regular with positions like 22nd, 21st, 17th and such.

I remember a drawing of a car that I found later in my pile of books one day. I had drawn a car with squares and circle, it was a treasure for me at a point.  Olodo is the fitting description of what I was, scratch that, it should be OLODO.

I was practically the OLODO with capital letters.

I guess there are just some people who are born with brains while some of us are supposed to clap for them and applaud them as they collect all the awards and accolades.

As much as I thought this, something inside me refused it. I wasn’t interested in competing with anyone’s position, I was more particular about being celebrated. I wanted to get a gift too. I wanted to return from school and be able to show my parents the gift I got from school.

If academic excellence is what I need to be celebrated, then I guess I’ll give it my best shot, I decided.

I gave it my best shot, yet, I failed – with big numbers still!

Was I destined to never make any academic breakthrough?

Lesson 3

Never settle for less even if LESS is all you have now.

“There is hope for the tree, if it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its shoots won’t stop growing.” Job 14:7

8 thoughts on “30Lessons In 30Days – Day 3

  1. This is too amazing… This right here caught my attention ‘Never settle for less even if less is all you have now’……. God bless you Sir


  2. Reminds me of the song “and we will never settle for less we know there’s more that’s found in you”…

    God Bless You


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