30Lessons In 30days – Day 2


My birth itself was a controversy in itself. From the time of my conception, my presence brought agitation, rift and discord to the heart and lives of many. Call me the son of the sword or something related, you won’t be far from the truth. 

My presence was capable of halting a life dream. My presence was capable of tearing mother and daughter apart. My presence in the womb had the possibility of tearing a home apart. 

My presence, right from conception was a total disaster.

My young mother had the dream of being a great nurse, she wanted to pursue this path of life and her mother(My grandmother) encouraged her greatly. She was walking in this path until she met a young man who would eventually be my father. She fell in love with him, one thing led to another and she got pregnant of me.
 My father was married! That would have being great news except that my father wasn’t married to my mum at this time, he was married to someone else (My second Mum now) and there was a child in the mix.

Polygamy wasn’t new where he came from, he was an honorable man and he was determined to do the right thing; marry my mother. 
My maternal grandmother after giving my mum her dose of motherhood stings, supported my mother’s desire to marry the father of her unborn child. He eventually did, making her the iyawo of the house. 

The two wives were to live separately, thankfully the arrangement worked. I caused all this and I was born into it. I had to live with it. 

I blamed myself for coming at such a time time like that into such a situation, and I carried this around, beating myself over things I couldn’t change.
Lesson 2

Don’t beat yourself over things you can’t change. 

I couldn’t change the situation concerning my birth but I allowed it hold me back.

If like me, you don’t like the situation surrounding your birth, or the family you are born into and you have allowed this take a huge part of your life, its time to drop it. 

Complaining about what you can’t change is a total waste of time, energy and emotions!

Before I shaped you in the womb,I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: Jeremiah 1:5

Even if people around you claim you are born by mistake, they might have made the mistake, but you aren’t a mistake.

I have being privileged to be ‘mothered’ by two different mums, awesome in their own unique way. I believe that’s a huge part of why I am me today. God worked it out for good!😘😎

Thank you for reading.

Tomorrow, I’ll show the degree of olodo that I was.🙈🙈

I love you.


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