Can we be friends?


When two (or more) people have decided to be friends to each other, you can be assured that there is usually ease as one is sure the other has got her/his back.

I believe everyone needs a friend. Atleast one, there is no point hiding yourself away, living life on your own when you can live it with others. Trust me, its easier to go with others than go it alone.

Oh, maybe you don’t have friends, but you really want to have one, is there someone in particular? Hope you have positive reasons why you want that person? Will the person be a good influence? If yes, why not just go ahead and make the move. How?

“Hi, my name is aremotobi. You have a great smile. I love the way you talk about issues, so precise yet full of knowledge”

From there continue the conversation and see where it leads you. I know some people who have outrightly popped the question ‘can we be friends?’. There’s nothing wrong with that approach to.

Decide today to either celebrate your friends more, if you have them already, or move out and make the first move to having a friend.

Remember,a best friend now was most likely a stranger before.

Enjoy the journey!



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