February 12!

You are hurting me?” Bella cried as Usman pulled her by the hair, bringing her face close to his.

“Sweetheart” he said in a low tone she would have missed if her ears wasn’t close to his mouth, “I love you so much can’t allow you become undisciplined. All I am doing is just correcting you. I know now you will never forget to put ‘sir’ when you are addressing me in public” He punctuated his words by throwing her across the time floor. Her head missed the sharp edge of the glass table by a hair’s breadth.

Bella sobbed under the weight of the pain throbbing in her head, she watched as Usman approached her to continue his love punishment like he calls it. She knew what was next.

He was going to squat and tell her to repeat some things after him after which he will pull her to his chest and remind her of his love for her,asking her if she will ever leave him. Then he will pull her into the room and ask her to prove it behind closed doors.

“Is this how live really is?” Bella said,but only her head it as it was only a sound in her head.


Love isn’t selfish!

Love doesn’t hurt the other!

Come find out the real intent, colour and act of Love this Saturday, February 12th by 12noon.

Venue: Inner court Christ assembly. 22, Grievious Cole Estate, estate bustop. College road, Ogba.Lagos.

Door Opens: 11am

Main show: 12noon.

Contact: 08032446129, +234 808 766 2666

And it is GATE FREE!

Its going to be an awesome time of stage play, dance,worship, games, and pure exciting expression of Love. You don’t want to miss it! 

Please spread the news and invite your friends, frenemies, enemies, neighbours, your friends’ Boo, your cousin’s Bae..invite them all!

PS: Not to worry if you don’t stay in Lagos, it’s happening in over 15locations across Nigeria. Stay connected for venue and contact to states outside Lagos.

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