Guy,who you be?II


Hello people, thanks for being a part of the first part of this series, ready for part 2. If you haven’t read it, you should check Part 1

We are looking at the 3H of a man.
1. Head.
2. Heart.

I wonder why many people expect that a man’s heart is suppose to be ‘hard’. We currently live in a world where we (guys) are made to feel like our soft emotions are suppose to be hidden. It seem we are allowed only ‘harsh’ emotions like anger, display of brawns, maybe excitement. This isn’t the real deal, that’s man’s creation, not God’s intent.

The heart is the crucible through which the expression of our lives are created, therefore the content and nature of a man’s heart is reflected by how he lives.

A #Man_Of_SWAG should be sensitive. This is an attribute that many guys are lacking this days. The way we spray words at people without concern for how they feel about it, the way we use ‘sense’ to cheat people, even the way we hustle for bus is something.

I was at a particular bus stop at night sometime ago, and I wished I had a camera to record. There was scarcity of auto-rickshaws a.k.a keke Maruwa and people were waiting. I watched as a particular guy practically shoved a lady away. It was so forceful that you’ll wonder if he was out to attack her before. Knowing how hustling for bus can be, especially in places like Lagos, I won’t say don’t hustle, but let it be about you finding a space and not about preventing the other person from entering, there is a huge difference.

A guy with a sensitive heart cares about giving people value. He is concerned about how he can contribute to this society and now how his society can feed his every need!

Now, about a guy crying in the open, is that right?!
I know a lot of guys would say it’s weak for a guy to cry, but can I ask why that is?
Does a guy feel pain too?
Can a guy be hurt too?
So, what’s wrong with a guy crying?

I think that it takes man of courage to expose his true soft emotions. Why? Because only a person of courage can handle being vulnerable.

Now, I am not for those guys that cry before a girl when asking her out in the bid to guilt trip her into saying yes. That’s wizadry and manipulation!

A guy should be tough and should have a grip on his emotions, I agree, but there isn’t anything wrong if he sheds a tear for a hurt, or the loss of someone.



Man_of_SWAG,develop a sensitive heart. Be strong, yet learn to be mild too!

What’s your take on the ‘Heart of a man’?

We’ll consider the last part soon.
Stay in touch.


Image source: Google imàges.

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