Worship Fiesta FAQs!

Here are frequently asked questions about the event of the year, WorshipFiesta 2016, they should help you navigate through all your questions about this event!

A.How do I register for Worship Fiesta?

Please click here to REGISTER FOR WF

Another registration option is the ‘Text Option’ – Please text WF16, name and number to 08032446129 or 08024341167.

B. How do I navigate the registration site?

1.Click the eventbrite link
2. Click on register
3. Click on check out
4. Input name and email
5. Then click on register

You have your ticket!

C. My browser shows error when i click on the site.

Please have you tried using Chrome browser? Please do and let us know if that works.

D. Will names be called out before we enter the venue?


E. Do I need to print my ticket?

No, you don’t have to.

F. Can I invite my friends?

Ofcourse,please do.

G. What is this Worship Fiesta about?

Please check Worship Fiesta2016?!!This is HUGE!!!📣

H. How do I get my ‘I’m attending’ dp?

please send mail with picture (not selfie) to mineteenageministry@gmail.com

The ‘I’m attending’ dp

Please stay connected , descriptions to the venue, Onikan stadium, from different locations will be on soon!

This isn’t an event you should miss. Be there!

PS: if there are other questions you have about the event, please feel free to drop your questions. They will be attended to ASAP.

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