Shades Of Hunger II

Thank you for dropping in today, I trust yesterday’s gingered you to check where your hunger lies.

Today, we want to look at another perspective of this hunger matter.

I was at MINE Bible study sometime ago when I met a certain man, I noticed whenever songs were ongoing he was usually moving his hands one way or the other. I thought it was an expression of worship until when I saw him at MINE BALL camp, a 10-day camp for young people and he came to take a session on ‘sign language’.

What pulled me to the sign language wasn’t the way the hands were flying in different directions at different angles but the look on his face! Mr Peculiar Favour had this look of contentment, this look that can’t be explained except you were doing something you really loved. I stepped back that day, and a sister of mine, Queen Ejimbe beckoned on me and pointed the same thing out to me.

It was ‘funny’ that God has a really interesting and amusing nature of giving and distributing passions to people. Things that may not mean anything to anyone means something to some.

I know someone who is passionate about animals, then we have those who love plants. There are people passionate about impacting knowledge, some are passionate about cooking and some can gobthe length for some scientific research.

Some of these things may sound trivial to you, but it is the world to another. I ask you today, have you found that thing that you are passionate about. There are varied shades of hunger God has planted in people, you need to ask God to help you walk in yours.

Now, yours may not be as ‘prestigious’ as fashion designing or medical research, it could simply be arranging things or you just have a thing for taking care of babies…

whatever it is, feed that hunger. Pursue it and live it. That is were you will find fulfilment and peace.

My December 2 advice is this: Accept what your hunger is and live it. Stop coveting someone else’s dream, find and live yours.

My Hunger! Let’s see if you can put it into words.

I am on the journey of mine and I am loving it, how about you?

I love you.


PS: Tomorrow we’ll look at how to get the meal to attend to this hunger. Lest I forget, so I started learning sign language because of Me Peculiar’s obvious passion and because of my growing hunger to reach out to the earing impaired too!

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