Shades Of Hunger I!😰

Have you ever been among young ones who are observing a general fast. The different looks plastered on their faces is one that any creative photographer should want to capture. It is EPIC!

The looks on their faces communicate different things based on their ‘hunger’, no wonder the scripture says, “where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also”. I discover that the same things is duplicated if you walk into a school setting during exam periods.

You find a look of wanting to write the exam and get it over with on some, even this group is further divided into those who really know what they want to write and those who have no clue. You see some, who rather than read, are looking out for those reading so they can ‘seat behind’ that one.

I believe this same look can be found on our streets, at least I know of the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. If you step out in the morning, you see workers with all kind of look on them, some obviously reluctant to go to work, but go still. Some, excited about getting to work and some just plain indifferent, and all goes still.

Everybody may be doing one thing, but I can assure you that everybody do not usually have the same reason!

We all have different shades of hunger. Some go to school because they ‘like book’. Some because they need the degree, some because someone asked them to and some to impress or prove a point to someone.

Hunger is good, as it drives you to look for food- a solution.
As we start December today, ask yourself,
1. What am I hungry for’
2. Do I have any form of hunger?

It is important that there is something you seek as you go through life, there has to be something you are living for, something you are driving towards, a vacuum you want to fill!

My December 1 advice?
Find it! Fill it!

Have you found yours? Please share with us.

Happy New Devember!

I love you.

PS: I started taking sign language classes! Join me tomorrow on this series, I’ll give you an hint into why☺


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