How to kill your step-mother without blood on your hands (2)

Welcome back, how did the good deed go yesterday? Keep it up. I decided to do something very small too to put a smile on her face.

I hope you are ready for the things I’ll be pointing you to, they may not be orthodox or expected, but be sure that it will work.



I have discovered that there’s no way you can hate someone you pray for regularly. When I mean pray, I don’t mean the ‘fall down and die’ prayers. Those things that you don’t like about her those things you wish would stop, table them before God, pray EARNESTLY for her.

This is the trick, when you spend time praying for her, God begins to work on your heart.

“But my mind doesn’t need working on, it’s hers that needs working on”. Not true. God works on your heart and He begins to change the way you think about her. Don’t you think it’s possible that it’s because you expect evil from her that you are getting same?

This is the first step, change of perspective.

Remember that a major difference between David and the Children of Israel when they were faced with Goliath was perspective, one saw an uncircumcised philistine defiling the servants of God, the other saw a giant that has been fighting since his

Perspective clears your vision.

Finally brothers (and sisters), whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable — if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise — dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8.

Praying for her is simply you telling God you are ready for Him to work on your relationship with her. It may be hard for you if you begin to think of the ‘special treatment’ you feel she gives her children over you, especially if your own mum is late or not around. It’s time to chart a new path, forget the past and allow God surprise you. Have you ever wondered how Joseph would have lived with his step-mothers? Two of the step-mothers were once maids, and one was also his aunt. ‘Complicated’ was the definition. But from his relationship with his brothers we can easily deduce how he treated his step-mothers.

The world’s way says ‘your step mother is out to kill you’, why not find out what God is saying?

Pray for your step-mother.



This may seem like a very inconsequential something but it does go a long way to making you both have a relationship that will work. Rather than joining the whole default setting of gisting people about the fact that your stepmother is a witch why not talk more about the good sides of her rather than amplify the negatives. The more you talk about the negative the more you see her in that light and that definitely won’t help your situation especially if you are living with her.


At this point I feel led to mention (for someone) that you need to drop your pride if you really want this to work. Throw pride away and take the lunge of being rebuffed sef, you’ll find out that your own pride might have been the bane of the relationship between you two.

Let’s stop there today and I hope that you’ll do these things for her before we meet tomorrow again, you may not get immediate response, especially if you both have physically (or verbally) attacked each other, but be sure that with time, you’ll get to see the good side that you want to see.

Till we meet tomorrow, please keep killing the step-mother syndrome.images

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7 thoughts on “How to kill your step-mother without blood on your hands (2)

  1. Great piece sir. Even I have learnt a number of things, though I don’t have a step-mom. I remember thinking my mom was my stepmother when I was younger because of the way she disciplined me, and I just found it so easy to share bad experiences about her with my friends. It made me an easy prey to some wrong friends, and but for God’s grace, I probably won’t be who I am and where I am today

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    1. Hmm! Thanks for sharing, that angle blessed me!

      I remember a day i was wishing for another mom after I had met my mom….😂😂. I am grateful for the two women now!


  2. Well, It’s a good piece but I can’t relate to it cos I don’t have a stepmother. However, this is going to help me deal with my enemies. Thank you.

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