How to kill your step mother without blood on your hands!

Thank you for dropping in again, I do appreciate you.

Its been a while….nah.. scratch that, its been a looooooong time! Whew! Plenty palava! I an sure glad to be back!

Thanks for sticking with me all the while, I could give you a hug now…lol.


It’s largely normal in the African, and I daresay in the Nigerian community, to find a polygamous home. Polygamy is a situation where the father of the house has more than one wife, all of which could be living under the same roof or not. I, myself grew up in a polygamous, and while growing up I met with about two fiends that were from a polyandrous home, same as mine, except this time, it’s the mother with more than one husband.

I spent most of my formative years with my step-mother, who I simply called ‘mummy’. I never call her step-mother, (but for clarity sake, I’ll do so in this series. Apologies ma.) Because she didn’t fit the description of step mother that I know. I was exposed to videos that their major plots were built around step-mothers. I think there was even one called “the wicked step-mother’. I discovered it wasn’t just a Nollywood thing, even Cinderella had a ‘wicked step-mother’, except that Nollywood’s was not as beautiful as Hollywood’s. So every time the name step mother came up, it could easily be replaced with synonyms such as ‘evil’, ‘wicked’ or ‘ugly’. Simply calling her ‘Mummy’ is FINE!!!

Remember her?

I discovered it wasn’t just in the movies too. I had a few friends in the past and present, who live with step parents and I marvel at the kind of tales that comes from there, so the step mothers weren’t just wicked in the movies, they were wicked in real life!

As much as I wouldn’t even give a thought to being a polygamist (I thought of it once in secondary school when I was crushing on two girls at the same time…lol),

I am forever grateful to my step-mom for being instrumental to the man I am now.

True, there were times when I wish I’ll just leave home and go to my mum’s, but then when I eventually did leave, a day came that I wondered if my real mom was my real mom,(an ‘amen’ if you’ve been there lol.)

Accountability, truthfulness, household chores (I was the only boy didn’t excuse me from chores, thank God!) and self-motivation were things that I learnt from her.

I still step on her toes from time to time, even now, but then, thank God there’s something called forgiveness.

I’ve learnt that in life,

we can’t control the way others treat us, but we can decide the way we will react.

That said, I’ll be sharing with you 5ways to kill the step-mother syndrome and who knows you may become best friends with your step-mom.

If you have friends who are having issues with their step-parents, please do well to share with them as we go through this series together!

While we wait for the sun to set and rise to a new day, how about you do a good deed for your step-mom today. Buy her something on your way home, help with her laundry without her asking, and share what happens afterwards.

i couldn’t resist!


See you tomorrow.

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