I Declare My Love

I want to openly declare my love for various ‘earthly’ people in my life who have helped me become who I am becoming!

My father, Mr Olanipekun Aremo for giving me the opportunity to have great sisters and brothers, a rare opportunity of having two mums and allowing me the space to love and pursue after God. Thanks Dad, I love you!

My Mummy, Mrs Abiodun Aremo. Thank you ma for allowing this young man come to earth despite all the orisirisi (circumstances) that surrounded my birth. Thanks for being a loving mum. Thanks for always been there. I love you ma!

My Mum, Mrs Motunrayo Aremo. Thanks ma for all that you taught me as I grew up. Thank you for the discipline, the opportunity to find God. Thank you mum. I love you!

My Eldest Sister, Olaide Onabiyi nee Aremo, thanks for being a big sister! I may not say this much but believe it, you’ve been a blessing to me.

My Immediate elder sis, Olawunmi Aremo, more like my twin(lol), thanks for always being there. Thanks for all the times you watched my back. I appreciate and love you!

My younger Sister, Olabisi Aremo, I am proud of the woman you are growing into. I remember and talk about how we grew up. I love you dear!

My younger Sister, Bukola Aremo, you have so grown. Choi! Thanks for being my sister even during times when I was overbearing. I love you!

To my brother, Olanrewaju Aremo, thanks for being my brother. I am proud of the young man after God’s heart that you are becoming. I love you Bro!

To my baby sister, Dolapo Aremo, thank you for believing in me dear! I love you!

To my baby brother, Kolapo Aremo, I love you with all my heart!

To Mr Oluwatimilehin Adigun, thank you sir for the many opportunities that you’ve given me. Thanks for believing in me sir. I love you!

To Mrs Titilope Adigun, thank you ma for being an awesome model! Thank you for opening the door of your home to me! I love you ma!

To (formerly) Miss Tinubu, thanks for being a great teacher to me when I was in Junior school. Thanks for being there for me ma!

To Mrs Onyeharam, Chemistry teacher in senior school, thanks for being tough. Thanks for the time you asked me about my salvation experience! Thank you ma!

To Bini Oroghene Priscillia, I love you!

To Oluwaseunfunmi Adeniyi, thanks for walking with me through these years. Thanks for loving and sticking with me through my ‘love growth’. I love you much!

Writing this now, I suddenly realized that there are indeed many people who have been a blessing to me as well as people I’ve not really told how much I love them from time to time. From Ajoke to CalebBobo, Dabest, Mrs Bidemi, Amylolo, Juliana, Anthonia, John Adeboye, Oluwafunmilayo, Ifeanyi, Samuel, Gabriel, Tolulope, Deborah, Oluwatosin, Jane-Jane, Ibukunoluwa, Courageous, Mowunmi, Owunmi, Fadekemi….I should stop.

So as not to bore you..(Lol), I’ve decided to reach them personally. You just might get something from me.

Please let the love expression continue! Please go out today finding ways to pour your love on others rather than waiting for others too.

I love you!

Watch out for the second thing the dead taught me.

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