What the dead taught me about LOVE!

Currently sitted in a huge cathedral listening to a children choir singing a hymn. Its not a ‘normal’ church service, as it is a service of songs for a departed man, a man of great influence ad impart (from the testimonies have heard and read about him). Different thoughts have been travelling through my heart lately and one thing that I will be taking away from this burial process or may be two- the other just jumped the queue as the teens choir’s ‘I need you’ hymn is filtering into my heart- is what l’ll be sharing with you quickly.

1. As listened to the great words pour out from the mouth of many about this man, wondered “did they tell him this to his face while he was on earth?” I hope so. I recall one of the lessons I have learnt from my mentor, Pastor Oluwatimilehin Adigun(a.k.a Doctor Love), he taught me to let those I love know. Many times we wait for something tragic to happen before we begin to declare to our family and friends how much we love them. If you love someone, father, mother, brother, sister, friend, uncle, whoever, please stop hiding it. They need to know. They do. 

Can you pick up your phone now and make that call to remind that brother of yours that you love him or your pen to write a love letter to our parents that you apreciate all that they’ve done for you and that you love them. Please do. 


If only we’ll show our love more and stop postphoning it, just maybe, maybe, this world will be a better place.

Play your part now.

Show that love now!

I love you.

PS: Before share the second thing I’m taking away from here, I’ll dedicate a post to showing my own love. Please do let me know how yours went.

Keep loving.


I almost posted when a thought dropped in my heart for someone. For someone, what you need to do is to take that person out. Shikena!

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