#nosum Fiction: Black.


I checked myself in the side glass of the car. I was looking good.
#alwayslookgood, was my personal creed. I didn’t like to fall my hand. I was always up-to-date with my fashion and tech. I was rocking the latest ‘bald fade’ haircut, wearing a dark shades and I had a $120 Swiss wristwatch on. My designer sparkling white shirt was starched, hanging neatly on a purple jump trousers allowing my colored socks show in the black leather shoe I was wearing. I dusted of a stray spider on my deep black blazers, I wore it and felt good! I had won ‘Mr Fresher’ as a new student in the university 3years ago, and after then I had won a couple of other beauty and fashion awards in school too. I had many girls and guys at my beck and call.
Except one. And this one was the one I was dressed this tightly for. My fragrance was enough to take her breath away, I hope it does.

I knew her class was to have ended about 10minutes ago, she won’t be having another class until an hour later so there was no excuse today. I had done my homework well. I held the package in my hand and walked to a vantage point where I would see her before she saw me. As I was walking to that direction, our eyes met, and before she decided to change direction, I quickened up my pace to catch up with her.

Her friend quickly said bye-bye, that was part of the plan.
“Hi Adesewa”
“Hi Isi. You do look good today, as usual and you smell good too”
I smiled. “Thanks. Can we walk?”
“Not sure. I’m quite engaged”
“I know you don’t have any class until the next hour”
She looked at me, “so? Does my life revolve around classes alone here?”
“I’m sorry, okay, the thing is I still don’t understand why you don’t want to roll with me. What is it? I see you relating with guys a lot less cooler and fashionable than I am and I’m wondering wasup?”
“L.O.L Isi” she said, then broke into a brief laugh, I loved the sound of her laughter. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. Isi, the truth is you try to be cool and that’s great. I see you really took your time to dress up today, but the ish is , for me, boo isn’t cool if he isn’t #sexually pure.

You’ll probably win ‘the coolest guy’ award in school if such exist, however you are not current. You ‘coolness’ isn’t complete.

“How do you mean?” What was this girl saying, I followed various designers on IG and knew when every style or fashion statement trends.
“Heard of #nosum?”
Why did this girl like talking like she was chatting on social media.
“What’s hashtag nosum?” I asked wondering what fashion trend that was.
She smiled, looked me in the eye, I love those eyes, and said, “When you know, maybe we can become chat pals. Till then, you know where to find me.” and she walked away.

She was so confident and had such great carriage. If there was an opportunity to chat with her, that would mean getting her phone no, then I had to get it right.

Right there, I brought out my iPhone and googled “nosum”

I got a couple of feeds and was dumbfounded at what it meant. I laugh outloud before I could stop myself.

“No sex until marriage” This girl was a joke. I laughed again, leaning on the car that was close to me. “Funny girl indeed”

She was obviously telling me to step up my game to become…what was the word I saw online now, okay, to become sexually pure. But really wouldn’t that be ‘stepping down’. I was the king of the girls…

I thought it was the ugly girls that did the whole virginity and  keep yourself till marriage stuff, now I’m beginning to reconsider that.

I really didn’t know where to start. But I bet she was going to tell me. I was not sure I was going to like the whole ‘keep yourself to marriage’ tingy, but I was willing to learn, if she would teach me.

“Grandpa, did she teach you?” One of the children I was telling the story asked
“No o. She didn’t. She asked me to meet another nosum guy that she knew. He
became my best friend, that’s Grandpa Caleb.”
“Ah…why”? Another asked.
“She later told me she didn’t want to be the reason I was making the decision. She wanted me to be more concerned about pleasing God, and I’m grateful for that decision”
“Grandpa, but grandma’s name is not Adesewa” my fifteen year old granddaughter asked.
“Yes… Tife, I eventually didn’t marry her. I married your grandmother who happened to be Grandpa Caleb’s sister. Should I tell you who she is?”
“Yes” chorused the children, even the teenagers amongst them.
“I hope you can keep a secret?” I whispered
“Yes Grandpa” they whispered back.
“She is your grandmother” I pointed to Caleb’s grandaughter. “Your Grandpa married her”
The children clapped.

I decided to share my story with them because the teenagers were already beginning to feel things and it was important they knew early their values as per their sexuality considering how confused the world is right now.

Before you go, please say after me.
I am proud to be a virgin.!
I stand for sexual purity.!
I advocate no sex until marriage!

We called it a night after this. I watched as Oluwaseyi ran towards the direction of her house, she was obviously going to ask her Grandpa if the story was true.

Saturday is world Virginity Day


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