Nigeria, ‘NEPA’ and I

Hello friends, I had to take a quick break from our Mirror series to post something real quick. I’ve been absent for about three (3) days now majorly because non-availability of power supply didn’t allow me. While I was trying to figure out a way to still get my post online without a powered phone, my mind took me to a time in the past.


I was in my room chilling with my phone plugged into the socket, you never can tell how long the power will stay when I overhead my neighbour, an old woman say something that got me a little bothered. she said

“Eleyi ti awon Nepa fun wa ni ina yi, Ogbon ati fi gba owo nla ni o”/Its surprising that Nepa is giving us power supply. Its definitely so they can bring a huge bill.

Then I heard a younger voice affirm her words and he went ahead to predict that the power will soon be ceased, and unfortunately he was right. As if it was a magic word, ‘NEPA’ which seem to be the common name for any firm that is incharge of power supply ‘took’ the light. I was ashamed.

If only they could have proved this two neighours wrong, not because I had was ‘beefing’ them, but because atleast it will satisfy this reluctance in me to accept that Nigeria is done for.

I went out that day processing this thoughts in my head and I came to a conclusion.

If I play my part well in the corner of Nigeria I am and everyone does the same, We will change Nigeria.

As if to convince myself, right there on the road i imagined stumbling on journalist covering street news and asking me a few questions about the Nigerian situation. I rehearsed what how to say and what part of NIgeria i was going to contribute, then I ended my imaginary interview with this words:

I am Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobiloba, I am proud to be a Nigerian. I believe in Nigeria and I will play my part well. God bless Nigeria.



Nigeria’s Coat Of Arm

It was an awesome interview that changed the mindset of many youths and together we started playing our roles in different little ways to better our streets and community and in no time, Nigeria was beginning to be the envy of the surrounding countries…all in my imagination, but I believe it.

*Back to present*

Why am I sharing this? You are a Nigerian (or citizen of your country) for a reason, stop dwelling on the myriad issues that need attention, rather seek to find what you can do intelligently. All the bombing and kidnapping aren’t the intellectual way of attending to this matters. Those will only succeed in taking us back to the ancient times. Please wake up and play your part.

I believe in my country, Nigeria.


Do you?

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