Your Mirror Lies: What then? (I)

Hello, how are you today? I really mean that, I’d like to get a feedback on how your day was. I hope it was as fruitful as mine. If yours wasn’t fruitful, for one, the day isn’t over yet, so don’t give up. Also, be sure that if the Lord tarries, a new day comes tomorrow with an opportunity to achieve what you didn’t today or to correct whatever mistake you might have made.

Did you go out without looking in the mirrror today? I did, not deliberately though, it was until later in the evening that I actually looked in the mirror. #lol.

So, I’ve been all about that the mirror doesn’t show you who you really are, then the question is what does or rather who does?

One answer is ‘TRUE friends’ with emphasis on the word ‘TRUE’.

true friend.jpg
image credit:  Google

I understand that friends are people we naturally feel good around (if you have someone you call a ‘friend’ and you don’t feel good around that person, you should find another name for the person).  

Friends basically make us laugh, some listen to the cries and needs of our heart, some just plain hang around us during tough times, while some do help us pull through down times.

However, a TRUE friend will not only show you your strength when all you see is your weakness, they will also show you firmly how your weakness can be dealt with, they wont gloss it over. They rejoice over how rich you are in character, but also point out nicely how you can be better in certain areas of your life.

Personally, I’ll take the thoughts of my sisters or friends over the thoughts of my mirror about my fashion sense.

TRUE friends are just that, they are not afraid to tell you how it is. They hold you accountable to your ‘goodness’. They confidently confront you when you are out of line. They are not afraid or bias about pointing your wrongs out to you and in the process, they sharpen you and make you better.

true friends2.png
image source: Google

They are more interested in making you better even if it is at the expense of what they might gain from you.

”Iron sharpeneth iron;
so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17).”

Endeavour to have TRUE friends around you “Because in life, you don’t need a tall mirror, but rather, a long-standing friend.”(Elite daily)

I’ll be sharing more reasons why you need a TRUE friend more than that mirror hanging in your closet.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Please do feel free to drop your comments and questions.

I love you.


World Virginity Day is in 10days!

Date is JUNE 11th, 2016

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