Your Mirror Lies: S0?

Hello, good to have you here again today, so we continue on our journey through the mirror series. Yesterday we looked at the how your mirror lies, today we will be looking at the implication of this.

Everyone wants to look good, yeah? Even those of us who aren’t really good with colour combination, we want to look in the mirror and smile at what we see. However, if what you see in the mirror is what determines how good you feel about yourself, then there is big trouble. Trouble because the mirror only shows the screensaver, it doesn’t show the documents on the PC or the RAM size and all the essential parts.

Your mirror doesn’t show you if you are really beautiful. It can show if you are well-dressed, but it doesn’t show you are beautiful. Beauty is more of an internal thing than the exterior. Beauty is in the heart (not the eye) of the beholder. Yeah, i know its a cliche, but its a true one.


You could be the epitome of selfishness and ugly petulance, yet because you are well dressed, your mirror gives you a thumbs up. You could be battling with a festering heart of unforgiveness, yet your mirror doesn’t show that to you, it shows you only what you show it.

So, if you derive your sense of self-worth from the likes and comments on Instagram or  Facebook or any of such social medias, then you need to really step up. You need to find another way to really know yourself, your mirror can’t help you in that regard.


How exactly can you know how exactly you look like? i’ll share that tomorrow, but meanwhile, nest time you look at the mirror, appreciate what you see ,smile, laugh and do whatever it is you do when you look in the mirror because its important that you appreciate yourself as God took his time to create that body you currently carry. However, let your mirror also remind you that you also need to do a REAL CHECK.

Can you go out tomorrow without looking in the mirror? #lol.

i’ll see you tomorrow, till then be better!

REMINDER: Its 11days to World Virginity Day. You can ask for details in the comment box but I’ll upload it soon. Thanks.


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