Vibe Or Truth

“So many youth ministries quickly become irrelevant to teens,” he says, “because pastors get kids excited with cool video clips and cutting-edge music, but then when a parent gets cancer and the teenager is lying in bed wondering what life is all about, he or she discovers there’s nothing to sustain them.”

I saw that written on my PCs sticky note, I came across it somewhere and I saved it because of the profound truth it presents.

I know and I am part of a ministry where we give what sustains, or rather we show to the teenager and youth what (or rather who) sustains-JESUS.

No, we are not a bunch of over-zealous, boring set of religious group, nah! We have life and LIFE IS ALIVE!!

We present the truth to young people the way the truth is. The TRUTH hasn’t change.

Yes we are creative and fun loving people because we live the life, we know the balance.

I  am talking about MINE Ministry. One of the many programs MINE Ministry organizes is the WORLD VIRGINITY DAY we pioneered and it happens yearly. We basically celebrate those that have chosen to keep themselves virgin, and also encourage those who have not to choose to live sexually pure lives.

World Virginity Day

Make it a date with us on any of the 25 locations that we will be celebrating it on our platform.

Its not a time to condemn anyone, not at all.

Rather its a time to celebrate the decision to honor God with our bodies!

Date: 11th June, 2016.

We love you!

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