My Confession Series: The BIG question

I was rummaging through a collection of paper I had collected overtime when I found something. Despite how much I love to type on my smartphone and on my PC I seem to never be able to do away with paper.

Anyway, as I was going through the collection of paper I had collected over time, paper which showed and reflected all sort of things, I came across that I would want to share with you.

paper (2)
“are you a virgin”



I love the audacity of that question, though I remember there’s more to that question than the paper reveals.

The paper was passed along to me during one of the question and answer session. I wasn’t disturbed by the question because there was really only ONE answer. However for the sake of some, I had to explain the reason why I was answering as proudly as I was.

My answer to the question?

“By God’s grace, I am a young man in my twenties and I am still a VIRGIN! Don’t let any one bobo you that it is impossible to remain a virgin until marriage”

Then I went on to explain that I am not announcing in the bid to condemn anyone, but I am announcing so that the little 11year old girl who sees her big brother and his girlfriend sleepover every night will know that despite what gives in her house, she can choose to keep herself.

I announce so that the sixteen year old boy whose friends have been mocking and calling a sissy because he has not gotten the ‘opportunity’ to get any girl laid will know that he is not the only one who is choosing to keep himself.

I announce so that everyone who has at one time or the other had sex, voluntary or otherwise, will know that, there is hope for them to keep themselves sexually pure if only they will choose to do so.

I am Aremo Olalekan Oluwatobiloba. I am an advocate of sexual purity. I am proud to be a virgin. It is #NOSUM for me until marriage. A ‘virgin-filled’ generation is possible; it begins with YOU and I.

Come June 11th, 2016, we will be celebrating the world virginity day! Please let us do it together.

I love you.

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