Shame On The Altar.

So, I think the cool afternoon is really doing my brain some good #lol.

I got into this introspective mood and my mind drove me back to over ten (10) years ago when I was officially given the mic to preach. Now, when I say ‘officially’, I mean, it was my first time preaching outside my church.

It was at a youth fellowship of a certain apostolic church that my mum attended. I decided to worship with them that evening when the Youth Leader walked to where I was sitted and whispered to me that I was taking the word and he walked away.

Just like that. Without previous notice. #deepbreath

The story of the prodigal son immediately came to mind as I was pondering on my next line of action. I searched frantically for where the story was set..I couldn’t find it! I suddenly didn’t know the bible chapter or book to find the story! My smile was plastered on my face as I checked through glossary and bible headings to find it, I searched from Matthew, through Mark, Luke and Join, all to no avail.

Before you judge me, that was over ten years ago, I didn’t have a blackberry or android phone I could just google ‘prodigal son bible’ and the answer pops out. So I was left with my rough knowledge of the story by the time I was invited to take the altar.

*This is the point where I wished it never happened and at the same time I’m glad*

I stepped on the altar, laid my bible on the pulpit and smiled. As opposed to what you are thinking about the Holy Spirit coming to drop the bible chapter in my mind or someone mistakenly quoting the scripture, nah, none of that happened. What did I do? I opened my bible to nowhere in particular and faced them, introduced the topic and started teaching to the best of the story I knew. I didn’t open to where it was, neither did my pride allow me ask even when I saw some of them flipping their bibles.

I preached what you would call ‘a rough message’. It didn’t end there.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my Mother happens to have a cordial relationship with the Youth Leader, he came to our house after the service. When my Mother asked him how I did, his reply deepened my shamed. He said, in yoruba, “If God can use a donkey and chicken, how much more him”. Thinking back now, I think it was a positive statement, I wasn’t sure it was then.

Many years after, I saw him somewhere and I was telling someone else that he was the person God used to give me the opportunity for my first external ministration. I had grown! Glory to Jesus!

Why did I share this? Despise not your days of little beginning…because you made mistake shouldn’t make you give up. Keep going!

Between then and now, I have grown in ministering, not just in word, but worship, drama or writing. I have met people who have given me more opportunities, I have met people who have shown me better way to do things. I have grown, and I’m definitely still growing.

Now you know, that mistake you made and the shame that came with it doesn’t mean the end, this is just the beginning!

Oya, get to work!


6 thoughts on “Shame On The Altar.

  1. The Holy Spirit is One and true!! Been planning to share this @bible study too just to encourage @least one person


  2. Even me. I never actually knew(like always remember) where that story was in the Bible till I watched an Episode of KYLE XY where Stephen Trager talked about his father loving Luke 15:11…lol

    And that’s how I came to always know where that story is o. Hehe.

    Thanks lots. E Seun for the encouragement sir.

    Liked by 1 person

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